Friday, December 5, 2008


What little girl wouldn't love her initial on a hair clip? These little lovelies make perfect stocking stuffers. Choose your colors and we will create it.

*All initial felt hair clips are $6 each or 2 for $10.


Stacey Moore said...

love the initial clips!

mistieleigh said...

Hi Sarah-
So, when i am at my moms next - i need to stop by. i need a bow to match this winter/christmas outfit. it is red and black (skirt is black with large red polka-dots- and the top is mostly red). ANy ideas. Btw- i LOVE the tootoo idea with the bows. I am still liking mostly the smaller bows on the the quarter size for the single pony on top. let me know what you think will work and i can even bring you the outfit if that helps...but i am not too picky. Just something basic.
mistie scott

Zaq said...

Sar -

Did you notice if you got any more hits (and hopefully more purchases) from any of my contacts? I surely hope so. Love you lots.