Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Imagine the Possibilities: Dainty Clips.

Customize your own Dainty Clippies. 6 clippies for $10 through June 17th!
You select your colors and we will create your clippies. Just tell us what you would like. We can introduce a pattern to add more color as shown below in Pink with Lime and Pink/Blue with Chocolate Stripe.
Choose any 6 clippies for $10 through June 17th. After the 17th they will be $3 each.
Choose your colors, I create it: Dainty Clippies.
*Colors shown above: fuscia, pink, light pink, tangerine, yellow, lime, light blue, lilac, black, chocolate and white. Many more colors not shown!
Pink with Lime

What colors do YOU want?

Pink with Chocolate Stripe, Light Blue with Chocolate Stripe

Customize your own Dainty Clippies to match any outfit. You choose the colors. Mix
and Match. 6 Clippies for $10 through June 17th only! Otherwise, $3 each. Email sarahames@msn.com with orders.

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