Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bow Holders $23.

Function meets wall decor.
Choose your size, colors and ribbon. Bow holders are the perfect gift for your little princess.
Now a place to store all of Sally's Clippies.
lacey pink w/ white ribbon 15x15

black/cream with hot pink 15x15

black/cream w/ hot pink 15x15

light pink polka w/ chocolate ribbon 15x15

butterflies on chocolate w/ cream ribbon

butterflies on chocolate w/ cream ribbon

hot pink animal print w/ flowers 15x15

shown w/ cream ribbon & bow

Above: bright floral on chocolate 15x15

15x15 bow holder

*Shipping on bow holders is $7, and they will be shipped separately from your hair clips. Hair clips from the same transaction will receive free shipping.

paisley lime w/ hot pink ribbon

Custom FRAMED bow holders: $34
(for my local customers only due to the fact that these frames are a bugger to ship!)


Anna said...

This is so amazing! I love it!

Stephanie said...

Absolutely adorable!

Haylee Ann [= said...

I want one! Call me and I'll come over and make one! It's so cute!


Haylee Ann [= said...

I need one of these!!! I love it!!! How about a swap? i watch your kids for a couple hours and you pay me with one of these... ;P

Haylee Ann [= said...

i think....when i redo my room, i will want the creme, black and hot pink one. :D

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