Monday, March 3, 2008

Match Your Easter Dresses!

Easter is only a few weeks away. Whether on a ponytail or headband, these clippies are sure to complete your Easter dress!
$4 each or 2 for $7
*Scroll down to view individual detailed pictures of these clippies.


haylee :) said...

sar-im going to need some of those-waaaay cute! mostly the white one tho...ill tell you when i get my dress

keri and taylor said...

Hi Sar, It's so good to hear from you. Your kids are so incredibly cute! You look so happy. My mom always tells me that she sees you. I'm jealous that you get to be a mommy. It just looks so fun! When I have kids I will for sure buy some of your head pieces. they are adorable! Keep in touch